I’m excited because I’m waiting to hear that the first print run of my latest inspirational book, Make the Most of You, has arrived at the distributors.

It’s the start of a new approach to publishing: my version of what the Australian Society of Authors calls ‘authorpreneurship’. It’s my response to the changes in the publishing marketplace, in Australia and around the world.

Make the Most of You is the fourth book in my series of inspirational books. The first three - It’s Never Too Late, Now Is The Time and Be Happy - were published in Australia by Hardie Grant Books. The latest will be published by my company Lime Tree Books.

I’m well aware of the risks of going out on my own. The move is aimed at giving me more creative control and greater power to adapt in the changing publishing environment.

These books are sold in both bookstores and in gift stores here and overseas. They’ve sold more than 120,000 copies in Australia and a similar number offshore.

The books all try to give readers a chance to put their busy lives on pause so they can reflect on where they’ve come from and where they’re heading.

They also pose some deep questions: Who are you? Where are you headed? What could you yet become? What holds you back?

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to work with my distributor to spread the word on Make the Most of You so it can emulate the success of the earlier titles.