5 November 1942

Battle of Oivi-Gorari gathers momentum as the Australian 16th Brigade probes the Japanese defences about 1.5km west of the tiny village of Oivi, about halfway between Kokoda and the Wairopi crossing of the Kumusi River.

About 2800 retreating Japanese have chosen the area because of the wooded spurs that overlook the track between Kokoda and the beachheads. They have prepared extensive trench defences covering the approaches with mortar and light and heavy machine gun posts across a front about 3km wide. Their aim is to seriously disrupt and delay the Australian advance on their positions at Buna, Gona and Sanananda.

For a change the Australians outnumber their enemy, with around 3700 Diggers gathewring to mount an assault to continue their push to force the Japs back their landing places. During the day, the Australians lose three members of the 2/2nd Battalion killed in action as they prepare for a major assault tomorrow.