14 June 1942

Allied code breakers intercept Japanese signals pointing to land invasion of New Guinea:

Allied intelligence intercepted a Jap signal from Rabaul to Tokyo: “For information on the Mambore-Yaruda road see our No 79 which was based on conversations with natives. The road begins in Mambore and – river valley and Tama (Loma), Yodda and Kokoda, skirting Mount Service to the south and passing over a range of mountains about 2300 metres in height (this section is now being studied) then passes through Laloki River are (which is an extension of Brown River) and thence to Moresby. 40 years ago road was built in order to haul ore from the mines at Yodda – 8 to 10 days. There is no other road running across the island. Although this would be a difficult route for a campaign we are studying the possibility.”