18 June 1942

For the second day, Jap bombers target the MV Macdhui in Moresby harbour, scoring three direct hits and destroying her steering. The 4480 ton passenger and cargo vessel only has six light machine guns and a WWI 4-inch naval gun to defend itself – all useless against high-level bombers. The ship is soon out of control. Six more crew are killed in the latest attack, bringing the total to 10 killed out of the total crew of 77, seven others are wounded, including the captain.

Her wounded skipper, Capt Campbell, orders his crew to abandon ship. He is the last to leave as his ship drifts into the shallows and sinks. Her rusting hulk is visible today near Tatana Island in Port Moresby’s Fairfax Harbour, about 750m offshore and about 1.3km south-east of the island. Her mast serves as the flagpole at the Port Moresby Yacht Club. Her bell is used by St John's Church in Moresby.

The Canberra War Memorial lists the folowing crew members as being killed in the raids: W.J. Barritt, A Richards, W.G. Drury, H. Rosen, W. Fiddes, R.H. Saville, B.J. Lawson, H.C. Smith, D.H. Lawson and C.A. Tunstall.