10 August 1942

At Pirivi, near Kokoda Pte Laurie Howson finds a Jap soldier still alive, cut in half by machinegun burst. "My officer orders me to put him out of his misery. I've been looking at those eyes ever since."

At Kokoda, A Coy holds off a series of enemy attacks and were constantly harrassed by snipers in palm trees firing down, often from behind their positions. The Diggers were shattered when a US P39 reconnaissance plane flew over but left without dropping any supplies or ammunition.

Later in the day the enemy starts heavy mortar bombardment of the plateau. The main body the Australian defenders ordered to withdraw through the mist via the rubber plantation at rear of the plateau. Some forward defenders are left behind in the confusion.

During rearguard, 'JD' McKay's team fires Bren gun until the barrel glows red. They're almost out of ammunition as they head off pursued by the Japs.