20 August 1942

After major problems with their supplies, 2/14th troops struggle up Track, most carrying loads of more than 30kg, along with their weapons, hoping to reinforce the 39th Bn digging in toe make a stand at Isurava.

But the 2/14th's supply chain has not kept pace with them and Brigadier Arnold Potts is reluctant to send them past Myola until the problem is solved.

At Isurava, the 39th's contact with forward elements of Jap forces begins to increase. It's a race against time to see whether they can hold on long enough for the 2/14th to reach them before the the massive Jap invasion force, consolidating at Gona, readies itself for what it believes will be a 10-day march across the Kokoda Track to capture Moresby. 

The only troops between the invaders and Moresby are the 39th, untried, untested Militia troops, outnumbered at least 10 to one on the ground.