27 August 1942

As the battle of Isurava rages, Moresby is threatened from another direction as a large Jap force lands at Milne Bay, about 2000 marines with tank support.

At Isurava the main body of the 2/14th Battalion reaches the embattled 39th Battalion as the fighting there intensifies.

Brigadier Arnold Potts realizes his 53rd Battalion cannot hold the eastern side of the Eora Creek at Abuari and commits his 2/16th Battalion to assist them.

Potts advises General ‘Tubby’ Allen in Moresby that 53rd’s “training and discipline below standard required for action” and asks that he send him his 2/27th Battalion as a fighting reserve. Allen tells Potts of Milne Bay landing and says he must retain 2/27th until situation at Milne Bay clear.