31 August 1942

More than 150 Australians are cut off after a last-minute Jap surge during the withdrawal from Isurava, including the 2/14th's CO, Lt Col Arthur Key, the Adjutant and the Intelligence Officer, Stan Bisset. Jis 2IC, Major Phil Rhoden, aged 27, takes temporary command of troops, who are now occupying a ridge south of Alola village

The 2/16th covers the withdrawal and all strtcher cases are being moved back through the Australian lines towards Moresby. By evening the 39th Battalion were in defensive position at Eora Creek village, with 2/14th forward of it and 2/16th on a salient overlooking the village.

Off to the east, Capt 'Ben' Buckler begins a terrifying six week odyssey through the jungle leading a group of 50 isolated Diggers cut off after Isurava. One of the party, Cpl John Metson, shot in both ankles, will crawl for three weeks, refusing to let his overburdened mates carry him.