8 September 1942

The Battle for Brigade Hill is raging. During the night the Japanese edged around the Australian positions via a steep river valley and suddenly drove a wedge cutting off the Australian Brigade HQ from the three forward battalions.

The Australians start a counter attack trying to dislodge the Japanese and force a way through to their HQ. In fierce fighting many lose their lives in a gallant but futile attempt. Many of the heroes of Isurava lose their lives, including Charlie McCallum, Claude Nye and 'Lefty' Langridge.

More than half the heavy Australian casualties are caused by Japanese mortar and artillery fire. The Diggers begin to call the position Butcher's Hill.

As the Japanese numbers threaten to overwhelm their forward position, the 2/27th Battalion falls back through the 2/14th's lines and then all three Australian battalions fight their way through the encirclement using a pre-arranged side track.