28 November 1942

Fighting flares again at Gona as Australian reinforcements arrive from 21st Brigade - the men who had first opposed the Japanese advance in July.

In confused actions, the Australians attack following inaccurate reports that the approaches were clear. A patrol from 2/14 Bn, led by Lt Bob Dougherty, advanced through waist-deep fetid swamp. Another led by Capt Alan McGavin stumbled on to heavily camouflaged and fortified Jap bunkers.

McGavin was killed by a sniper. Sgt Jim Coy killed the sniper and then, under heavy fire, crawled forward and silenced two machine gun posts with grenades. He was later awarded the Military Medal for bravery. Pte Bill Gaskell also later won the MM for his brave rescue of many wounded.

Fourteen Australians die on the day.