3 November 1942

Watched by the men of the 25th Brigade, General Vasey hoists Australian flag at Kokoda, signifying the recapture of the iconic Kokoda station and the nearby Kou kou village (‘da’ means ‘village’ in the local dialect).

The Japs had not used the Kokoda airstrip and it is now overgrown with metre-high grass and peppered with the obstacles the Japs have left to prevent its use.

It takes two days before the strip is serviceable. Kokoda airport is soon transformed into the Allied air base it almost became four months earlier. For the first time in the campaign Australian wounded can be evacuated swiftly by air to Moresby.

The flag raised at Kokoda later will be used to mark Australian victories at Buna-Gona, Sattleberg and Wareo.