3 September 1942

Diggers fight a rearguard back to Templeton's Crossing. With his men desperately tired after weeks of continuous combat, Brig Arnold Potts signals HQ that he plans to withdraw to a position on the high ground south of Efogi Village. It will soon become known as Brigade Hill.

HQ asks Potts to hold Myola, a large dry lake between Templeton's Crossing and Efogi - one of the few open areas suitable as a supply drop zone on the Track. Showing a complete lack of understanding on the situation on the Track, Gen 'Tubby' Allen asks Potts: "Is it possible to revert to offensive action now?"

Potts suggests HQ come forward to see situation and replies: "country utterly unsuitable for defended localities. Regret neccessity abandon Myola ... Men full of fight but utterly weary. 2/16 back through 2/14. Plan withdrawal Efogi - take position high ground south of village. Remaining companies of 2/27th Battalion too late to assist. Will keep you informed."{C}