topicTALKS is coming


Three old stagers have joined forces to create an exciting new series of programs of live talks that will inspire, inform and challenge you on subjects that matter in your lives.

TV legend Ray Martin, presenter and author Patrick Lindsay and promoter Colin McLennan have called the programs topicTALKS and reckon they’ll appeal to people who, like them, are “passionately curious”.

Patrick Lindsay sees the programs as an opportunity to shine a light into areas of our lives, which are generally ignored by mainstream media in their endless pursuit of the youthful dollar.

“Remember when spinners played cricket, not spent their time crafting one-liners and news grabs for politicians? Remember when social media meant journos who liked a drink? We see topicTALKS as an antidote to the pre-packaged, passionless presentation of ideas we have thrust at us,” he says.

“We reckon people are longing to see storytellers who speak from the heart, who conceive their own ideas, believe in them and present them with spontaneity, authenticity and passion. We want to explore topics that are vital to us and our families and to the future of our planet. We want to hear our storytellers speak in person and we want to have the chance to challenge their views.”

Ray will host the series and will introduce four other top storytellers, who will each speak for 20 minutes, followed by an all-in Q & A:

Tom Keneally                                     “Five great novels you haven’t read yet”

Australian Living Treasure, one of our greatest storytellers and most decorated living authors, having won a Booker Prize, two Miles Franklin Awards and received honorary doctorates from six universities.

Ray Martin                                    “One cranky, profane saint”

One of Australia’s most respected and experienced journalists. Along with a diverse television career, he’s long been involved in charity work and has written two national best-selling books.

Gretel Killen                                    “Why happiness is like nits”

TV provocateur , stand-up comic, advertising voice-artist and author of more than twenty books. Hosting Big Brother made her a household name in Australia.

Patrick Lindsay                  “Fromelles … voices from the graveyard”

After a long career in television, now one of Australia’s leading non-fiction authors, having written 17 best-selling books since 2002. The chairman of the Kokoda Track Foundation since 2005

Seb Robertson                  “Giving a voice to the elephant in the room”

Young Australian social entrepreneur, who formed his own foundation, Batyr, to educate and empower young people to confront and accept difficult social issues. Sydney’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year .

topicTALKS will debut at three venues over three Sunday mornings:

Sunday April 22, 10am-12.30pm, @ Cremorne Orpheum